There will be the final version 14.04 LTS Cubuntu V170 directly in English, for other languages ​​simply select the language

To change which language you use in Cubuntu

click the top right gear of the menu bar and select System Settings. When the System Settings opens, select Language Support, or CTRL+ALT+T  for open terminal :


If prompted to install additional language support, do it. If not, click Install / Remove to install new language packs, then select the language you which to install and install it. Finally, drag the language at the top of the list and save. This change will only apply to your profile. If you which to apply the language settings system-wide, click Apply System-Wide.




Drag the new language at the top of the list. When done, click Close.




Close out and log out. Then log back in and enjoy!


Again, changing the language pack will only apply to your profile. If you want it globally, you must click Apply System-Wide.




If you choose to rename standard folders to your native language, you’ll see folders name changed after you sign on.



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